Nicola is very grateful to the sponsors and benefactors who have made a lot of the artwork you see here possible.

"As an artist I often have big ideas which are too ambitious, vast or daftly expensive to put into practice... Over the last few years it is thanks to the kind help of the individuals and corporates who have sponsored me, enabled me to use spaces that would otherwise have been unuseable as exhibition space and donated materials to some of my bigger projects, that I was able to create such works as Sugar Cube Room."

Sugar Cube Room is a 240cm x 240cm x 240cm room covered with 50,000 whole and half sugar cubes. The large scale of this work was made possible because of the kindly donated sugar cubes, from a number of sponsors to whom the artist is very grateful.

In particular, thanks for their most generous Sponsorship and Donations go to:

Tate Britain

Tate and Lyle



Imago services (Loughborough University)

And for the use of exhibition space:

StubbsRich, Bath


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