How to Commission an Artwork


Hello, it’s Nicola here.

I just wanted to give you some insight into the art commission. Commissioning an artwork is a unique experience for both you and me. Unlike a sale online or through a gallery which can sometimes feel detached, this requires a creative, open and professional relationship between us both. It’s my favourite type of artwork to create, because I know it has meaning and significance to its owner. For an artwork to form a strong connection with the owner or collector, and the space it is intended for, is something that makes any artist very happy.

Therefore I’m very pleased to welcome you to this page, and invite you to get in touch with any questions or ideas.


A little insight…

Below is my ‘How to commission an artwork’ guide for new art buyers, art newbies, as well as returning clients and collectors. I hope it gives a clear idea of the commissioning process.


My experience: Working with individuals and companies

I have many years of experience in working with individuals to create something particular and personal, and also with corporates and companies to create something specific, tailored and unique, which connects with a wide audience and brings a certain atmosphere to a space.


How involved will you be?

I have some clients who like to be really involved in the creative process, staying in touch and seeing the artwork develop. Others like to leave me to it and have a great surprise when they unwrap the final piece.

Each commission is different - so the process is flexible and can be suited to how you prefer to work. Both the process and the artwork should be a very positive and unique experience, tailored to you.


The artwork commissioning process:


  1. Initial discussion: Usually by email or phone, to determine what you have in mind, your timescales and rough budget. At this point I will be able to give you an indication of what’s possible, and help inspire you.

  2. A continuing dialogue: We continue our discussion by meeting, email and skype to work towards a clearer and more detailed idea of your requirements. Usually this is very simple to define, for other commissions clients like to spend time building the idea together.

  3. An agreement: As soon as we are both committed to working together, I will provide a contract. This gives us both a clear expectation of the details, timescales, deliverables, cost, etc.

  4. Deposit: Before commencing an artwork I will ask for a deposit of 50%, the other 50% to be paid upon delivery.

  5. Finalisation of ideas: This may involve mock-up images, any revisions required, and will result in your sign-off on a final idea/design/composition.

  6. The artwork begins: During this time, I am happy to keep you up to date with progress, or even invite you into the studio to see your artwork in the making.

  7. Framing: If you require, the artwork will be framed. (this takes 2 weeks - the details of this will be agreed previously.)

  8. Delivery of artwork: You will receive a well packaged, safely delivered artwork and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

  9. Installation: I can also provide an installation service, where I come personally or provide a team to help hang the artwork. I am happy to advise on lighting/hanging it yourself as well.


Need Inspiration?

Please browse my Artwork section for inspiration, or email me with a concept that we can discuss together.

If you have no idea and need some suggestions, I am happy to help and can usually sense what direction to guide the commission in. Some ideas below...

Easily personalised...

My artworks that weave text and words into portraits, drawings or depictions are some of the most frequently commissioned pieces. They are easy to personalise - with a composition featuring yourself, someone or something close to your heart - which then becomes rendered in words and numbers which can also hold significance (anniversaries, birthdays or significant dates, words, names, phrases).


Or For Something Different...

Try a unique piece made of words or texts, or made of natural materials and one-off ideas.


Bring me a challenge

As you may have noticed, my artwork and materials can be diverse. This is because I enjoy finding a brand new concept or material, and challenging myself to use it as a starting point to develop and create an artwork. This means that my mind is well trained at having a completely obscure or new thing thrown at it, and creating an artwork in my style that embodies the concept. If you like my style but have an unusual idea, please don’t be afraid to get in touch!


Suitable commissions

I only accept commissions that I know I am able to complete within the time and budget, so you can feel assured that your artwork will be delivered on time. I also only work on commissions that I feel fit my artwork style and capture my imagination. This may sound picky, but I have found this to be the best way to always provide true, original and astonishing artworks, and here’s why: It sounds cheesy, but if an artist is passionate about an artwork, their heart is in it, and this will make the finished piece spectacular and perfect. If this ‘passion’ is not there, then I personally would not want to provide an artwork that does not live up to either your expectations or my standards. Therefore I am always upfront about any commission that simply wouldn’t work out.


Bigger Projects

Please also get in touch with any bigger projects. I have experience working on interactive artwork commissions, architectural installations, artistic installations, and running group/collective artist projects, events and workshops.


Get in touch

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