2015, UK


Constellation, An introspective journey

Text, paper, glass, ink and mixed media in embroidery hoops.

Installation, size variable

This artwork is in many ways autobiographical, a cryptogram of formative moments and relationships in the artist’s life. The constellation of circular, translucent portals was developed through exploring the english language as a subconscious journey, starting in the centre and expanding outwards. Whilst the selection of words feels poetic but random, the starting points are deliberate and the following outpouring of words are curated by subconscious and conscious choices.

The method for developing the work came from research into the development of language and the development of relationships. Nicola’s specific interest lies in the things we leave unspoken, coded, or hidden. In particular this work is inspired and influenced by the surrealist practice of exquisite corpse, a method by which words or images are collectively assembled into a nonsensical drawing or fragmented story.

Constellation was commissioned for and first exhibited in EXPARTE, an exhibition curated by curator collective Something Human in London, 2015. EXPARTE was a part of Singapore Inside Out and SG50

Constellation  exhibited in Singapore following it's UK showcase.

Constellation exhibited in Singapore following it's UK showcase.


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