Nest Sculptures

2015 - Present


A series of Nest and hive inspired sculptures

Paper, light, mixed media.

These immersive sculptures are built using hundreds of thousands of paper scrolls. Influenced by Nicola's art residencies in South East Asia, her research investigated the scroll in art and history:  a way of passing along secrets, knowledge, folklore and histories.

The resulting Nest sculptures take the form of bird's nest shapes, pods, internally lit capsules, walk-in immersive sculptures, or walls of scrolls constructed to look like the honeycomb of a bee hive. 

The first ever Nest was built at the iconic People's Park Complex in Chinatown, Singapore. The building’s architecture has been called "streets in the air" and it helped pioneer Singapore’s shift from low-rise to high-rise architecture. Singaporean HDB buildings are a recognisable sight in the region, evolving into a community of nestling compartments that rise up towards the sky.

A nest can be a home, a safe place, incubator of ideas and family, a hiding place, a comfort zone, a bounded box, or a place of secrets.

A private nook to store treasures in.

A nucleus.

A beginning.

Curated by Hyphen & kindly funded by National Arts Council for Singapore Art Week 2016

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