2017, Singapore


Observatory is a voyeuristic, Interactive, immersive Sculpture.

Paper, light, mixed media. 200cm x 200cm x 200cm.

Commissioned by Singapore Contemporary Art Fair (Artist Platform 2017).

Observatory is part of the Nest Series - a series of sculptures constructed like giant bird's nests or bee hives, made entirely from paper and light.

This sculpture incorporates over 16,000 paper scrolls, referencing the archive; the collection of observed wisdom.

Viewers can step inside to observe themselves or voyeuristically watch the world around them through the porous walls: a chamber of observation.

Voyeurs are invited to peruse fragments of Marc Nair's poems inside Observatory, which are written ‘windows’ into moments and lives, observed through the yearning of time and distance. 

Partners and Sponsors

With the kind support of:

Intersections Gallery Nicola Anthony
Singapore Contemporary art fair, Nicola Anthony