Talks and Workshops 


Nicola Anthony Talking

Nicola is often invited to present talks, deliver workshops and seminars, and is a regular lecture speaker at creativity courses. Use the links below to find upcoming events.

"Your creative self is a delicate creature. I have been honing my own creative side for a long time. Unavoidably, I became fascinated by the theory of creativity - how to consciously understand and harness it. Creativity can help us absorb and be inspired by the world around us, it can help problem solve, it can lead to kindness, adventure as well as innovation."

Nicola Anthony, 2016

Creativity Courses and Seminars

Nicola is a regular Speaker at Inkwell in Singapore and London. See their creativity courses  here.


Exhibition TALKS & Workshops


Creative Walking

As an ongoing part of Nicola's artistic practice, she walks. As a monthly open invite she starts at her studio and walks with others. She has found that walking can help with problem solving, mindfulness, focus, creativity and inspiration. If you would like to take part in the next walk, get in touch with our studio (From $50 per person, 1.5 hr session).