Nicola Anthony, Saung (Burmese Harp), Incense-burned calligraphy paper, ink and wire, 30cm X 40cm x 60cm, 2016

Nicola Anthony

Nicola Anthony (b.1984) is a visual artist based between Dublin and Singapore, and an elected member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. In recent years she has completed three artist residencies, had a solo show at Singapore Art Museum, exhibited in the Kuala Lumpur Biennale, been invited to install public sculptures in Singapore and Los Angeles, and received accolades and recognition for her work. She has been practicing for fifteen years and created exhibitions and commissions for art institutions and cultural foundations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar, USA, UK, Indonesia and Malaysia.

About the artwork

Using fire techniques on paper and metal alongside an innate ability to transform words into messages of profundity, her work is a journal of a thousand souls. Anthony collects human stories and testimonies, empowering and transforming them into contemporary art. From the playful to the heart-wrenching, each artwork is shaped by the narrative it contains.

Some take the form of text sculptures, others portray traces of lost stories and unheard voices through burnt, worn and layered surfaces. She focuses her work on untold narratives, social memory, and place memory, with specific interest in the nature of storytelling and the way we all experience time differently.

The process of capturing unheard voices has led her artistic research to navigate topics such as: social and political undercurrents in Myanmar, Singapore, SouthEast Asia; Narratives that pierce through time to WW2 such as Holocaust survivors testimonies and stories that are found in the porous surfaces of London’s bombed buildings; and individual untold stories from disenfranchised communities and survivors of emotional trauma.

Nicola collects paper aeroplanes, proverbs, poems, riddles, birdsong recordings, curses, confessions, laments, praises, prayers, prophecies, and public announcements.



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Nicola Anthony (b.1984) is a British artist working internationally. Born in London, she studied at University of the Arts London (CSM) and Loughborough University.

Her latest museum solo exhibition, Human Archive Project, was commissioned by Singapore Art Museum.

This year she was invited by Steven Spielberg’s USC Shoah Foundation to create a permanent sculpture in their public entrance. In 2018 she took an on-site residency and installed a public artwork at Singapore’s National Design Centre.

Nicola’s 2017 solo show and published book, Intersection, was created during her time as artist-in-residence at the NPE Art Residency, receiving National Art Council Singapore funding to exhibit in Singapore 2017 and Myanmar 2018. In 2018 her work will be showcased at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia in the KL Biennale.

Recently her traveling sculpture Great Soul has been shown at the Kuala Lumpur Biennale, the Vargas Museum in Manila, the Aceh Tsunami Museum in Indonesia, and Oil Art Space, Hong Kong.

Widely collected and exhibited internationally, Nicola also creates large scale installations and public sculptures. Her latest were commissioned for Singapore Art Museum, University of Southern California (USA), Marina Bay (Singapore), Facebook’s Asia headquarters, and Yellow Ribbon Project (Singapore).

Around the world Nicola has exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery Project Space (UK), the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (USA), Shinjuku Creators Fiesta (Tokyo), & featured in shows around Asia and Europe. Her artwork has received sponsorship from Tate Britain, & been exhibited in Tate Modern’s ‘No Soul for Sale’.


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