Nicola Anthony, Saung (Burmese Harp), Incense-burned calligraphy paper, ink and wire, 30cm X 40cm x 60cm, 2016


The museum solo exhibition Human Archive Project was launched at Singapore Art Museum this year. Nicola's work will be showcased in the Kuala Lumpur Biennale throughout 2018 at National Art Gallery of Malaysia.

Nicola creates by collecting, mapping and archiving a finespun world of secrets, memories and stories. Each artwork is shaped by the story it contains - multilayered, fragile, suspended in time. 

She focuses her work on untold narratives, social memory, and place memory.

The process of capturing unheard voices, moments and details has led her artistic research to navigate many things such as: social and political undercurrents in Myanmar, Singapore, SouthEast Asia; Narratives that pierce through time to the World War, the battle of the Blitz; or stories that are found in the porous surfaces of bombed buildings in London; crumbling ruins in Asia; scarred wrists in her fellow human beings; and the confessing eyes of strangers.


“I spent my formative years struggling to define the truth, in a world where my personal and cultural identities never fitted any one category, and my personal history was full of holes. I learned that two opposing things can simultaneously be true. I take the same approach to art as I do life: Trying to discover and uncover the truth, peeling back the layers, breaking it down into small moments which add up to make the whole. These small, foundational elements may be unseen, misunderstood, or misrepresented. How can we understand ourselves or the people we meet without going deeper and rediscovering the secret side, the human stories?”

Nicola collects paper aeroplanes, proverbs, poems, riddles, birdsong recordings, curses, confessions, laments, praises, prayers, prophecies, public announcements, and narratives.



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Nicola Anthony (b.1984) is a British artist living in Singapore and working internationally. Born in London, she studied at University of the Arts London (CSM) and Loughborough University.

Her latest museum solo exhibition, Human Archive Project, was commissioned by Singapore Art Museum. Her previous solo show and published book, Intersection, was created during her time as artist-in-residence at the NPE Art Residency, receiving National Art Council Singapore funding to exhibit in Singapore 2017 and Myanmar 2018. In 2018 her work will be showcased at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia in the KL Biennale.

Recently her traveling sculpture Great Soul has been shown at the Vargas Museum in Manila, the Aceh Tsunami Museum in Indonesia, and is currently at Oil Art Space, Hong Kong.

Widely collected and exhibited internationally, Nicola also creates large scale installations and public sculptures. Her latest were commissioned for Singapore Art Museum, Marina Bay (Singapore),  Sentosa Island, Yellow Ribbon Project. 

Around the world Nicola has exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery Project Space (UK), the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (USA), Shinjuku Creators Fiesta (Tokyo), & featured in shows around Asia and Europe. Her artwork has received sponsorship from Tate Britain, & been exhibited in Tate Modern’s ‘No Soul for Sale’.


Exhibitions, Awards, CommissionS

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Intersection, Myanm/ART Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

Kuala Lumpur Biennale, National Art Gallery, Malaysia


Human Archive Project, Solo Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum

Glass box commissioned sculpture, Yellow Ribbon Project, Singapore Art Museum 8Q

Performance Interlude, London, UK

Scents of Singapore, Intersections Gallery, Singapore

Temperature Communication, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong

Departure Edition, Japan Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia

Intersection, Intersections Gallery, Singapore

Field Trip Project, Aceh Tsunami Museum, Indonesia

Observatory, Singapore Contemporary Art Fair


Krisis, Bonington Gallery, UK

Selected Artist, Lakeer Gallery, Singapore Artist-in-Residence, NPE Gallery, Singapore

Wedding Nest, St. Regis Hotel, Singapore Metamorphosis, Public Sculpture, Singapore

People’s Living Room, Singapore Art Week

Field Trip Project, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Indonesia


Selected Artist, Lakeer Gallery, Singapore

Field Trip Project, Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines

Secret Ingredient, SPR MRKT Gallery, Singapore

MOVE W I T H (OUT) #8, Skopje, Macedonia

Field Trip Singapore, National Institute of Education

Exparte, Singapore Inside/Out, London, UK

Ouroboros, Marina Bay / SouthEast Asian (SEA) Games

Art Supper X Art Stage, Victoria Theatre, Singapore


Enclaves: Unboxing Petain Road, Singapore

Great Soul, Shinjuku Creators Fiesta, Tokyo

Urban Paddy Field, EAM, National Library, Singapore

The Science Perspective, Nanyang Technological University

Dreamcatchers, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

READYMADE, Substation Gallery, Singapore


Kopi Time, Maya Gallery, Singapore

Entrance sculpture series, Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Art for youth, Royal College of Art, London

Connect, A-Side B-side Gallery, London

The Square, Culture Square, Singapore

Cirque du Scent, Edible Art Movement, Singapore

Synaesthesia and the Senses, Unit3 Project Space Gallery, UK

The Displaced, The Arts House, Singapore

An Ambiguous Portrait of a Cunning Linguist, Ikkan Art, Singapore

Displacements, Wilkie Terrace, Singapore

MinimART 4.0, The Substation, Singapore

100% Nude, The Daniel Liebeskind Space, London


The Alchemy of text-based Art, Bleicher Gallery, LA, USA

Games People Play, Nolias Gallery, London, UK

Pop-up Circus, Arch Gallery, London, UK

ArtHAUS, The Execution Room, Vyner Street, London

BAR Gallery, An Ideal Soup

Serpentine Gallery Project Space, IMPRINT, London, UK

Orange County Contemporary Centre for Art, USA


Cultivate Space, Vyner Street, London

FLAG STOP, Los Angeles, USA

My Word: Performance piece, Notting Hill, London

The Write Back Project, Notting Hill, UK


The Post Box’s Tale, Upper Gallery, Poole Literary Festival, UK

No Soul For Sale, Tate Modern, UK

2009 National Open Art Competition, Finalist, UK 


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