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Intersection, (2017)

Intersection is an artist book which explores place memory, social memory, and unspoken history. This collection of drawings and art responses by Nicola Anthony is paired with poems by Marc Nair, and uses processes of burning imagery into paper, which is then scanned and riso printed as a layered, abstract, poetic map. Created based on three years of research from neighbourhoods in Singapore, Yangon and London the book is ordered by themes such as history, death, dissonance and time. The artists search for a nexus of meaning through the various threads that weave through these cities. The book is printed as a limited edition risograph, and was funded by the National Arts Council. Look inside it here.

ISBN 978-981-11-1883-8

A staircase leads to the defined place for making art (2018)

This photograph series documents an artistic intervention at the Secretariat Building of Yangon, Myanmar. Created as an outcome of an artist residency, it is also an artwork within itself. Lines of poetry which were inserted into cracks and crevices around the decaying building were captured photographically. The final photo series and poetry was exhibited at Myanm/art Gallery in Yangon during March 2018. A limited edition of 20 photo boxes were also produced for sale. The outer box was handmade by a local Yangon man in the market square of Yangon. You can learn more about the residency here.

Click here to view video documentation of the residency.

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Human Archive Project, (ongoing)

Conceived as a platform for research into the stories, social memory and oral history of our global community, the Human Archive Project maps different types of human experience by inviting the public to share their stories, creating a public archive and turning these into physical sculptures which are exhibited around the world. The Human Archive Project has become a catharsis, a place for difficult admissions and sharing secrets. Sculptures from this series have been showcased at Singapore Art Museum,  Singapore’s National Design Centre, and around the world. To learn more about this project click here.

The word collection project, (2007 - 2017)

An older archive predating the Human archive project, but with a more performative element. The Word Collection Project existed as a live text artwork for 8 years, through which Nicola sourced all the secrets and statements used in her work. It has been exhibited as a performance which asks the viewer to contribute words in London, it has toured to LA, it has featured on SKY Arts TV, and was shown as a performance/interactive sculpture in Singapore in 2013. To learn more about this project click here.

Saga Seed Archive, (2013 - 2015)

This archive of place memory relates to several saga seed installation artworks comprising more than 14,000 saga seeds collected during the artist's walking journeys through Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The audience was invited to pick up a seed. Upon each seed is a unique handwritten number referencing the story behind each one, which can only be read if a viewer references the seed number in the online seed archive here.

Found sound archives, (ongoing)


I collect birdsong recordings and capture audio inside religious buildings and community centres. This sound database gathers ambient noise, prayers, emotion, choral song, church bells, shuffling feet, meditations, prayer bells and chants. These communications of ancient traditions, cultural or religious, connote something of importance about society, especially as they evolve and change over time. Not all the recordings are available publicly. Those which exist as sound artworks can be found here. This sound artwork is currently exhibited at Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany

Biji Poem, 2019

"The Sanskrit term Bīja meaning ‘seed’, is used as a metaphor for the origin or cause of things. The term bīja is used to mean “seed syllables” which are the short, symbolic sounds contained within mantras. A western mind may think of this as ‘planting a seed of thought’. 

I have written a poem and engraved it onto over 200 saga seeds, one word per seed. Taking words from my archives as a starting point - on the theme of hope, love, and home - three concepts vital to human existence, which were recurring topics in my interviews with trauma survivors. 

Each individual word makes a journey across the globe. Some have been photographed on their travels, and others are now part of public and private collections worldwide: Each one connected to the others. Images and archive to be published soon."