I feel like Ireland hugged me and gave me and family protection in his arms.

This is an anonymous story collected from the public as part of the Human Archive Project

Hi, I am from Pakistan. I am 43 years old house wife living with my husband and 4 kids in Ireland. In Pakistan last year my husband and my house were attacked by firing twice. My husband is a famous drama producer in Pakistan. A gang wants large amount of ransom otherwise they want to kidnap and kill my husband, me and my children. Our lives were in danger in my home country. Lahore is the safest city of Pakistan but our lives was in danger we might be murdered there where I spend my 42 years of life. We got scared our bad circumstances made me and my husband stress and depression patients. We and our children bound in our home because we were afraid of kidnapped and murdered. The gang was international they called my husband from different international numbers. We decided to go Ireland. We came Ireland through UK. Because we only have UKs visa. The international gang knew that we visited UK many time in our summer holidays. All the situation made me and my family scared, stressed, upset and helpless.we tried to ask help in our country but they didn't help us and didn't gave us security. So we decided to go to Ireland with our children for protection and to secure our lives. I didn't want to see my husband and my children kidnapped and murdered in front of my eyes.

In Ireland IPO send us to Mosney. Every thing is new for me and my family. We already came scared from our country. I saw security in Mosney. Every one is very friendly. All staff is very cooperative. My younger daughters started their school they felt happy because in our country they didn't play out side even was not going to school regularly because of our bad incident. I found Mosney a safe place for me and my family. I found Ireland a cultural country who respect women and children with open heart. I am a Muslim and Ireland have different religion but Ireland respected my religion with open heart. I feel like Ireland hugged me and gave me and family protection in his arms.g