This is why I say that Voodoo exists

This is an anonymous story collected from the public as part of the Human Archive Project

So I tell you the story of this relative, do you know how he died? Through voodoo! So he sold alcohol and drinks in Ghana, in coke bottles, he sold them in bottles, from the back of a motorbike. When he was taking one of the bottles out it exploded and it cut him, it cut him on the leg. He got a rag and covered the cut so it wouldn’t make a mess on his wife’s kitchen floor. That guy sat there and he bled to death, it was like joke! He sat down and died from a cut on his leg!

So he died and in Ghana, in my tribe, we have big rituals so I went for his funeral. They preformed the rituals and everything and then, the ritual was held in the city and they had to take him to the village about 200km away. When they finished the ritual, he had two daughters and a wife, they were taking the corpse to the place they were to bury, and about 150m from the venue of rituals the car stopped. It couldn’t move! What was happening? The driver said it’s a mechanical problem, they had to fix it, so he got down and they checked everything. Nothing wrong with this car! For us, we don’t waste time attributing it to spirituality or voodooism.  We said no, it means that his ghost was not happy and something needed to be done. Quickly, they called an ambulance to come and pick the body, they moved the body to new ambulance and the new ambulance stopped, it also would not move! The new ambulance would not move!! They said no, if that is the case we need to preform rituals to appease, he was angry because it wasn’t his time to die, he wanted revenge, they took the casket carried it on their shoulders from the venue, and then the car moved, the same cars that couldn’t move, they moved when the casket was on their shoulders, they moved and they followed the casket.

So it’s a big show, they sing, sing, sing, bring the schnapps, they pour the libations, throw them, they do the incantations.

They tell they are sorry but now he has power to act anywhere, do anything he wants to do, whatever, whoever is responsible, he should allow them to bury, the folks tell him these things.

Guess what two weeks after, one of the people in the village he was on a farm, he was pierced by a trap. His feet got swollen, and he was dyeing. He confessed! He was the one responsible for the man’s death, through voodoo!

Why would you admit to killing someone? When he is going to die he confesses! This is why I say that voodoo exists!