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Artist Residency | NPE Residency Programme 2016

Nicola at work in her Kallang artist's studio, NPE Residency Programme 2016.

Nicola at work in her Kallang artist's studio, NPE Residency Programme 2016.

This October, Nicola Anthony has been invited into NPE Print's Art Residency Programme 2016.

Located in the heart of the traditional industrial/print sector of Kallang, Singapore, Nicola aims to utilise the residency and unique studio space/facilities for experimentations with new paper-based and incense-burnt drawing techniques, as well as light projections and large-scale creations. And ultimately, to create a body of works for a collaborative project with local poet Marc Nair, called 'Intersection'. 

Read more about Nicola's residency experience here

NPE art residency

About the NPE Art Residency Programme:
"Since establishment in 2015 NPE Art Residency has hand selected contemporary artists in Singapore, inviting them to expand, nurture and develop their skills, whilst collaborating with other creatives and NPE's fine art digital print and paper experts. [...] NPE Art Residency is an art arm of NPE Print Communications (Previously known as National Photo Engravers). NPE has a long creative history stemming back to 1967 when the main activity was photo engraving. In contemporary times, NPE has an ever growing team of designers and technicians, running Singapore’s leading press and communication agency. This means that our artist residency studio has more in-house facilities than any other studio or creative space in Singapore: Artists can upscale their work and push boundaries using high tech fabrication and production processes, digital fine art printing, giclee prints, ultraviolet printing, book-binding and stitching machines, gold leaf stamping, die-cut, embossing and debossing, to name a few. The NPE Art Residency is founded by award-winning art consultant, artist and educator, Daryl Goh." – "NPE Art Residency", NPE official website