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The Write Back Project & Artist Talk

  • Debut Contemporary 82 Westbourne Grove London, England, W2 5RT United Kingdom (map)

Artist Nicola Anthony invites you to take part in an artwork time capsule, wherein participants write a letter to themselves. The letter will become part of a sculptural artwork at the Debut Contemporary Gallery, and in three years time your letter will be mailed back to you. Participants will thus receive a message from their past self and become a part of the artwork. 

Nicola Anthony is fascinated with the things often thought but less often articulated. She collects the words and secrets of others which become the source and inspiration of her work, and creates tactile artworks about language, memory, mapping, and collecting. 

Who can take part?

Anyone! This should be as diverse a representation of society as possible.

How to have your letter included:

You can either send your letter in advance, bring it on the day or write it on the day (2pm, 28th May 2011)

You need to include: Contact Address for three years time, your letter, and decide whther it is private or if you will allow the artist to use fragments of your words. More info below:

Where do I post or email it?

Letter’s can be sent or dropped to the gallery (also accepted via email!)

Debut Contemporary, 82 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W2 5RT
tel: 0207 221 1651

Is it private or will others read it?

Your letter can remain private or you can allow extracts of your words to be used in the creation of an installation in the gallery window space and the artist’s future work. NB The artist will not use participant’s name, address, or full letter.

If you would like it to remain private please write private on the envelope.

How & when will I get it back?

Please include an address you can be reached at in 3 years time at the top of your letter (or as a return to sender on reverse), and/or an email if you are not sure, so the artist can get in touch to check your postal address.

In 2014 the letters will be disassembled & posted back to each participant, who will not only receive a message from their past self but also a part of this artwork time capsule.

Shall I seal it or include an envelope?

So long as you include your future address/email, it will get there – you can include the letter in a sealed envelope addressed to yourself, or if you don’t then I will envelope and address it for you! Remember, if you dont want others to see it mark it ‘private’, but if you don’t mind it being seen I would love to use fragments of your sentences on the surface of the sculpture. (more about how it’s shaping up here)

What shall I write?

Up to you!

See some entries and more about how it’s shaping up here.

Come along to Debut Contemporary on 28th May to join in, & start penning your letter now…

Nicola Anthony is fascinated with words and the things often thought but less often articulated. The artist’s feature piece in the gallery is a life sized replica of a postbox made entirely of laser-cut paper words and sentences. Through the collecting of words & secrets the artist gathers the source and inspiration for her artworks.

Keep up to date with the letter entries on the Artist’s blog.

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