A new sense of beginning

Having recently relocated to a new studio in Singapore where I am making a new body of work, I decided to make this post more about my working process than my artwork progress.

Singapore is amazing, sensory and inspirational. In my first week I felt both swamped in things to do (as I have everything to do in terms of exciting new places to visit, pushing forward my projects / studio / ongoing initiatives as well as setting up a new home for the time that I am here) and also a rather unusual, floating feeling of nothing to do (as I am so new to life here nothing is set in stone yet, and I have no set daily routine.)

It’s funny how your life is actually hinged on all the monotonous constants. Those boring fundamentals of life, are in fact the architecture of our days upon which our lives, our orientation and our creativity are hung. With a chance to re-write my routine - the constants and the creative bits - I am making sure I plan in:

  1. Long hours for creativity to happen in the studio
  2. A good dose of inspiration
  3. Lots of research and engagement in the arts including visits to galleries and talks, critical discussions etc
  4. Time to reflect on 1-3 through writing, documenting and exploring
  5. Time spent on myself and keeping my mind energised
  6. (and of course), The Boring Bits (admin, tidying, buying materials, making coffee, sleeping)

I will report back!

I also wrote a blog on Singapore art scene last week if you are interested.

The ‘Senses & Synaesthesia’ exhibition I am working towards with the Fabelists is one of the first artworks I aim to complete here. It’s great to have this in depth project to get stuck into, it is really helping me feel at ease and allowing me to get stuck into the creativity in my new, as yet relatively unseasoned studio.

A scrapbook of the sensory delights from my first few weeks in Singapore below:

Little India Deepvali Market, Singapore
Public sculpture on the MRT trainline, Singapore
Tropical Plants, Singapore
Bugis Hexagons, Singapore
The ArtScience Museum, Singapore
Speeding through Chinatown, Singapore
Andy Warhol at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore
 Pink Dragon Fruit, Singapore
Botanical plants, Bedok, Singapore
A moody Cat guarding his tipple, Eunos, Singapore