A new sound artwork: 'We are all Connected', 2019

we are all connected, Nicola anthony, sound art, 20119 (c).png

At the recent ‘New Voices of Ireland’ exhibition, I launched a new sound artwork, heard through the crackling analogue speaker of an old-fashioned telephone. The artwork featured 50 migrant stories, from those who have migrated to and from Ireland in the past 50 years. Some have been forced to move countries, others by choice, and all sorts of journeys, stories and emotions emerged through the story telling process. The work aims to give the listener an isolated moment where the voice of a real human being was being spoken into their eardrum. The real-life stories have been gathered through the Human Archive Project, giving insight into the type of physical, emotional or mental journey that the listener may not have experienced or imagined previously.

we are all connected, (c) Nicola Anthony, sound art, 2019, full length.JPG