New Voices of Ireland Series 7 - 2019

Nicola Anthony, text sculptures 2017

I am happy to have been selected as one of ten artists to participate in the New Voices of Ireland Series 7, 2019.

Over the coming months myself and the other selected artists will meet, collaborate and collectively shape the final show to be presented from the 14 to 20 September 2019 culminating on Culture Night 2019 in Dublin.

The Series will include collaborative workshops between participating artists in which artists will share their findings, discuss their concepts and methods as well as prepare for the final show. The preparation process and the final show will include participatory activities with various audience groups as well as artists’ talks and Q/A sessions. The entire New Voices of Ireland Series 7 will be documented through still images, video and podcast and displayed on

About the Series…

The New Voices of Ireland Series is a flagship project of integrative, cultural practice between migrant and local artists as well as audiences curated and presented by the Centre for Creative Practices. The series connects creative talent from communities and social groups from all over Ireland, enabling them to come together as a creative, active voice in the pressing social debates that are most relevant to society today.

For the 7th edition of The New Voices of Ireland Series entitled CULTURAL, URBAN MEMORY – TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES, the Centre for Creative Practices is exhibiting work from migrant, culturally diverse and local artists who work with migrants and other marginalised individuals or communities.

Transition, temporality and transcultures are essential parts of population movements of the twenty-first century. So are the constantly growing cities that have become cultural melting pots. However, the voices of migrants, the main agents of the transition, transculturality and temporality are rarely heard, and if so, it happens mainly in the context of ethnographic and anthropological approaches, placing them at the margins of history.

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About CFCP

Founded in 2009, Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is an award-winning, not for profit organisation dedicated to connecting, integrating, and promoting migrant and culturally diverse artists and developing intercultural arts practices in Ireland. We are committed to professionally supporting migrant and culturally diverse artists, effectively showcasing and further developing their talents and enabling them to access resources and the local arts scene. We help migrant and culturally diverse artists to fulfil their creative potential for their own and societal benefit.

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