RES·O·NANT: a sound installation by Mischa Kuball, with 50 invited composers & sound artists


In a wonderful around-the-world journey of religious chants, symbolic sounds and prayer calls, I am pleased to announce that the sound artwork Call to Prayer (Myanmar and Singapore), 2017, will be part of a larger installation entitled Res·o·nant by Düsseldorf conceptual artist Mischa Kuball at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin | Jewish Museum Berlin. Kuball has collaborated with 50 composers/musicians to create Res·o·nant.

This walk-through light and sound installation was created installation especially for the new exhibition space on the lower ground floor of the Libeskind building.

As an important element of the installation, several loudspeakers distributed throughout the room loop a series of 60-second sound clips which were composed specially for Res·o·nant by more than 50 musicians and artists. More info here:

Listen Here:

Composed of sounds from the sunrise birdsong in Yangon, Myanmar; blessing sparrows released into a Burmese Buddhist temple; the call to prayer at Shwedagon pagoda in Myanmar, the muezzin's dawn prayer in a mosque in Singapore, and the echoes of early morning street sounds collaged together from inside various caves and cavernous spaces.

The Voids series is a response to the religious spaces and hearts of community which Nicola Anthony has journeyed to all over the world, seeing in some places the crumbling of religion and society, the lacking sense of grounding, and a transience of home and heart.

Open until September 1st 2019. Opening Jazz concert on 23rd March 2018.


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