Share with me in Unexpected Happiness

Do you believe in serendipity? It often seems to me that the things which occur seem to be just the right thing - even if I don't know it at the time, I do believe that life's twists and turns have their purpose. That the lows help us value the highs. I experience lots of moments of unexpected happiness, small snatches of joy, which catch me unaware. I try to be open to this - noticing when something is wonderful or good, even if it's simply the pattern of a coffee spill that turned out to be quite beautiful - it's up to me whether to decide it's a mess to be mopped up or a chance for inspiration, (or perhaps a learning about the usefulness of coasters).  

With this in mind, I am launching a project which takes a lighter look at human stories, searching for unexpected happiness in today's world of doom and gloom, for a new artwork showcasing at the National Design Centre. This new sculpture will become a reflection on the nature of happiness, and help us to better understand that life is an ongoing journey through good times and bad.

Like much of my work it starts with real world research, and my 'Human Archive Project' portal has been busy collecting stories with a focus on Serendipity. Please share your own story here to become part of this sculpture: 

playground of infinate happiness.jpg