A perfect synthesis of Art and Mathematics: Bernar Venet in Singapore

New York-based French artist Bernar Venet has been exploring the notions of indetermination, disorder, chance, and unpredictability through art for decades. His solo exhibition at Art Plural Gallery has been a bold introduction to Singapore. The two month show closes on 24th November 2012, so if you are in the area do catch it this week.

The artworks on show include paintings of mathematical equations set in free plastic forms, which are part of Bernar Venet’s latest series. His Saturations and Shaped Canvases comprise mathematical formulas that boast a total degree of abstraction. Talking at the gallery, Venet explains that where other artists in the past have used diverse disciplines such as religion, botanics or geometry to be the framework, subject or motivation of their art, he draws from the field of mathematics. The artist passionately notes that, uniquely, “art is a discipline in itself, that feeds itself using other disciplines…to go beyond anything that was thought before.”

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I REVIEWED THIS SHOW IN TREBUCHET MAGAZINE, SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE OR READ ON BELOW… “Sometimes an aesthetically appealing tiger cub or a quirky ladybird can overshadow the actual substance of the artwork” Byroglyphics, 'great sage 1' 55x76cm. Graphite and pastel on Paper.
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