They forget that I am a person

This is an anonymous story collected from the public as part of the Human Archive Project

A lot of the time in this industry you just have to adjust your expectation for being on the road. You go out in your taxi with the mindset of wearing a bulletproof vest.

Sometimes my passengers or other drivers have anger. People are just stressed, they are just going to their office. So, they will just throw their garbage at everyone that comes along. 

You just have to take no extra notice of their behavior. They forget that I am a person, not just a taxi. A lot of the time it’s just because of their unhappiness in the workplace, or here and there. They’re just so upset and they don’t know how to release their stress. But it’s still alright, it’s alright. 

Every day I get to meet all sorts of people. But most of the characters I see in the wee hours - they get to see these kind of people. I got a transvestite who got his clothing changed in the taxi along the way! What are you going to do? It’s like, oh gosh, you know? You see all sorts of people, especially in the red light district. Drinking. I see the human side of life. 

So sad that we have evolved into that kind of stature. You see a lot of this in the UK but I think in the UK  it’s not like here, we are still a lot safer.