ArtHAUS features in Guardian

The genre-busting artHAUS exhibition at DegreeArt Gallery is still open until June. Having been featured in the guardian's lifestyle picks, it's well worth a visit - It is very inspiring for me to see the art in the context of interior design. The art spills out onto the walls (in some cases quite literally) and inspires other elements in the room. It's very imagination capturing and eclectic. But also rather  nice to get inspiration for how to place objects & art in our own homes & spaces. I have recently rearranged my studio to reflect a string of inspirations emanating out of one central artwork.

An interview about transforming the traditional notion of the group show with curator Ryan Lanji features on Londonist with art critic Tabish Khan, who commented that "you don’t just view ArtHAUS, you experience it".

Below is the feature on Guardian

guardian feature of ArtHAUS