Making Scented clay: Children's Art workshop

I was thrilled to host an art & learning workshop at a Social Change in Action event this month. The whole SOCH event saw 1500 kids in attendance.

As well as a learning message for the children, I also learned a lot from the kids - a reminder that yes, art is for everyone, it can be multigenerational, it can help to change stereotypes, it has no language barrier, it works amazingly to bring you together with people you only just met, and, that art will always be a part of life: it's been around since the very beginning and will continue, to be.

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A make-your-own scented clay workshop by Nicola Anthony:

Nicola Anthony_Clay Workshop_2
Nicola Anthony_Clay Workshop
Nicola Anthony_Clay Workshop_7
Nicola Anthony_SOCH_Clay Workshop
Nicola Anthony_Clay Workshop_5

"International artist Nicola Anthony will be guiding the children through a recipe to make their own clay using a method similar to bread-making. Come and get hands-on at the art banquet! We will  sculpt the ‘dough’, add amazing colours & scents, and use design-thinking. Together we will build a banquet table full of weird and wonderful sculptures."

Be the Change Exposition showcases social change projects by 200+ change makers from over 30 schools.  A unique opportunity for school groups and teachers to engage with social organisations and learn about many issues they address through  meaningful activities.  Come & celebrate change!  

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