May I have your words? Join me at an exhibition this weekend

Nicola Anthony, word collection project at Substation's MinimART

The Substation’s ‘MinimART 4.0′ invites artists to push the boundary of art, and for this challenge I decided to activate my Word Collection in Singapore.

I am very pleased to invite you to the show, but if you are unable to come or you do not live in Singapore, fear not! I welcome you to join in online by contributing your words to become part of the artwork. You can do this before the exhibition opens to make sure your words become part of the sculpture, or do it during and after the event – the Word Collection Project is an ongoing, living, evolving text artwork.

Read on to find out how…

About the Word collection: 

It’s about you. It’s about your world.

Anonymously write a sentence about the inside of your mind, and become part of an artwork. Your sentence must begin: “I am…” / “I feel…” / “I think…” (see examples here)

Submit your words:

Tweet it: #wordcollection to @nicola_anthony

Submit it anonymously on my website:

»email it to me

» Or get involved by writing it personally on the sculpture during the event

About Nicola Anthony: 

Using words as sculptural materials, and sentences as lines with which to draw, the artist has a fascination with messages, narratives & text. Her practice is inspired by the structure & understanding of language, and her desire to illuminate the little things that comprise the whole.

Nicola Anthony lives in Singapore and London: Inspired locally and creating internationally.


Nicola Anthony, word collection project at Substation's MinimART