Inside the studio at NPE Art Residency

Nicola answers some questions about the residency and her current preoccupation.

What is the NPE Art Residency?

It’s an awesome space in the heart of Kallang’s print industry. I have been invited to be the artist in residence and create a new body of work. In this environment I have been inspired to make some large prints and experiment with new paper based techniques.

NPE Art Residency_Nicola Anthony_1

What are you working on during your artist residency?

I am embarking on making a body of art works for a project which has been in planning for three years. This project is called Intersection – it is a project that myself and local poet Marc Nair have been creating whilst journeying between Singapore, Myanmar (Burma) and the UK.

What is Intersection about?

We decided to visit an area in each location around and spend time creating an artistic and poetic map of the space we found ourselves in, as well as the imagined point at the conceptual centre of all three.

NPE Art Residency_Nicola Anthony_2

What work have you been creating?

There’s a whole series being created in dialogue with Marc’s poems, and in response to the 3 places.

I am currently in the process of making some large works incorporating my incense burn drawing technique and light projection.

What themes are you working on?

I have been drawn back to the concepts of boundaries the nodes which connects us. The things that have resonated most with me and then translated into artworking processes are erosion, shifting, unraveling, displacement, boundaries, layers and points of confluence.

NPE Art Residency_Nicola Anthony_3

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