Inspirations: The Library of Babel

Whilst my artwork David Copperfield is being exhibited at Ikkan Art Gallery in Singapore, I wanted to share one of the inspirations behind the piece with you. It is a book called The Library of Babel, a short story by Argentine author and librarianJorge Luis Borges (1899–1986). The author imagines a universe in the form of a vast library containing all possible 410-page books of a certain format.

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David Copperfield, a sculpture made of words and music: Singapore debut

Last night saw the opening of Ambiguous Portrait of a Cunning Linguist, at Ikkan Art Gallery in Singapore. I was pleased to have my sculpture David Copperfield selected for the group show of 12 internationally respected artists.

Do visit the show which will be openi until 27th July 2013, at Ikkan Art Gallery, Singapore, and get in touch to find out when I will be at the gallery.

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The Fragmented Novel: A love affair with words

I have a bit of an obsession: My creativity has an affaire de coeur with language, words, letters, stories and narratives. Here's a glimpse into that world of word-addiction...

I often go on treasure hunts in search ofold books, scraps of stories, manuscripts and magazines.  I am intrigued with both the visual shapes & patterns of letters and words as they scrawl,  meander and march across the page… and also with their wider significance. They are story tellers and signifiers, they represent & depict the world out there beyond the page. They are cunning, devilish, candid, true.

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