Announcing Nicola Anthony as an elected member of Royal Society of Sculptors

This month I received the fabulous news that I have been formally elected as a member of The Royal Society of Sculptors. It is an honour to be part of this wonderful network of sculptors, a society with royal patronage which leads the conversation about sculpture today. The history of the society itself is really fascinating and has been a cornerstone of first the British art world and then the international art world, so I share a little insight below…

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Intersection Exhibition, Part two, Singapore: (press release)

An exhibition by Nicola Anthony, United Kingdom, and Marc Nair, Singapore. Part Two: 22 Feb – 5th March 2017. INTERSECTIONS Gallery, 34 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198892. Free Admission. RSVP on facebook event

In this second part of Intersection exhibition a new way of seeing is presented, and the curation presents a key to unlock hidden stories, meanings and messages within each artwork. It is not often you get insight into a large body of work like this from two perspectives, but for this exhibition curator Marie-Pierre Mol of Intersections gallery has decided to give the viewer a deeper understanding and a whole new way of looking.

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Found Articles: The body as shelter - A conversation with Antony Gormley

This article has been inhabiting my mind for the past week - having re-read it's morsels of creative conceptual thought a few times, I believe it's an important interview for any contemporary artist or creative to be aware of. Coming from one of my major inspirations, Antony Gormley, are his thoughts on art, space, time, and the body. (Check out the original interview by Karlyn De Jongh here.)

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