I believe effort never lies

I am from China,currently studying in SG.I am 19 years old now and I celebrated 3 birthday here.(which means that I live in sg about 3 years already)

I realize that time flies and I always feel a bit sad because I do not really like Singapore since it is not what I think it is before I come here,the accent, the environment (a small city). However,I don't hate this city cuz it is very safe and clean. I have signed a contract with poly which requires me to work in sg for 3 years after graduation,this really make me unhappy since I want to spend that 3 years in other countries,I want to explore more. I have friends here ,closed friends,but I don't know why I feel lonely quite often,my first sem 's GPA is quite low so I am stressed now ... but I believe effort never lies, gonna try my best in this sem.