Intersection, Yangon Exhibition

The elements

that stir us to make art

are flickering moments:

a brief flash of recognition,

a hint of scent memory,

a nexus of discovery.

Above all, an intersection.

Intersection was an exhibition of poetry and visual art by Singaporean poet Marc Nair and visual artist Nicola Anthony. The work maps an architecture of memory at the junction of three diverse cities: Yangon, London, and Singapore.

The exhibition has been five years in the making and has previously exhibited at Intersections Gallery in Singapore. Both artists journeyed to each city to engage in field research, resulting in the initial body of work which debuted in 2017. Intersection, though, is a work in progress, and new work was created on site at Myanm/art Gallery.


Intersection is an exhibition about the encounter between poetry and visual art through the work of Singaporean poet Marc Nair and British visual artist Nicola Anthony. It is a visual and literary journey that spans a range of themes and subject matter across neighbourhoods in London, Singapore and Yangon.

Nicola’s artworks reflect and even embed Marc’s poems and, in turn, the poems evolve, responding to Nicola’s artworks in a creative dialogue. By expressing the subtle links that bind personal and national stories, the artists strive to show how a universal dimension exists in every personal experience.

About the Artists

A recipient of the 2016 Young Artist Award, Singapore’s highest arts accolade for artists under 35, Marc is a poet, spoken word performer and photographer. He has spoken about poetry at TEDx and has published seven volumes of poetry.

Nicola has been shortlisted to represent Singapore in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2018 and 2019. She is a British artist who has worked extensively in Singapore, UK, and Ireland. She often creates text-based art and uses innovative processes to create her artworks, drawings and kinetic text sculptures.